Giving Back

Helping and supporting Foster Children is a passion of ours at Bella Sera. Since 2006 we have been involved in an amazing annual event held here that provides brand new bicycles, tricycles, scooters, helmets and locks to Adams County Foster Children.giving_back_photos

The first year the event was named “Wheels of Success” and was put on by owner Elisabeth Montoya and the women’s networking group Sisters of Success. Over 170 brand new bikes, trikes and scooters were purchased from our local Wal Mart and given out to these amazing kids. Bella Sera also cooks up a special dinner and ice cream sundae bar for the kids and their foster families. Each sibling received a special gift as they walked out the door with their smiling foster sibling and their new bike.

In 2009 Elisabeth continued on with the event, as the Sisters of Success changed their direction for the group. That year all of the recipients were teenagers. It is truly amazing to see the freedom that these new bikes can bring to a teenager in foster care.

This summer we will be hosting the 4th annual event and we are always looking for donations or groups of people who might want to pitch in and sponsor one child with a new bike and accessories. Please contact Elisabeth directly if you would like more information at 720-938-2609.