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“Back in Time” Elegant Wedding

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How They Met

Jason and Danielle met through a mutual friend in high school, she was best friends with him and he was best friends with his brother. She confessed that she hated Jason at first, because she had heard he was a bad boy, however after spending some time with him and his brother she grew quite fond of him.

They have always had a common interest of cars and trucks, and that was the first thing that brought them together. They have also never expected the other one to go out of their way to do something for the other, therefore they easily just do things because it isn’t expected. They have always had similar interests, and if they don’t, they don’t fight about it, they allow each other to do whatever makes us happy as individuals, so they can be happy together.

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The Wedding Theme & Style (by Danielle)

“We have always had a vintage style, so the wedding location and colors and such were all inspired by light/bright pastels. I was looking through tons of wedding magazines and when I came upon the two pages that we used as a reference for the entire theme of the wedding, it was again so perfect there was nothing that would have stopped me from reaching the look for the pastel vintage wedding style. I saw the Bella Sera online, and the moment we walked in the door I knew our search was over for our venue location. It was exactly what I wanted no questions asked.”

“While I definitely enjoyed the entire wedding, the most dramatic part of the entire wedding was when I got to see my little sister Gracie, for the first time since she had moved away to recover from some troubling life stages. I was so proud of myself, I hadn’t cried all day, I was looking forward to everything and having a great time getting ready, and the moment she walked up the stairs into the bridal suite I just lost it. I was so happy to see her.”








The Wedding Proposal (written by the Bride!)

Favorite Part: “We had been dating for 5 years when Jason finally got the courage to do it. Many, many years ago I insisted that Jason ask my father for permission to marry me, which he did. However, we went to California for our 5 year anniversary, and I knew that something was going on, just didn’t know what. He was persistent that we find an old time photographer, and I thought it was really cool. However, we couldn’t find a place that did it. So we decided to go to Disneyland. The entire way in he was so quiet, it was bizarre, but I knew he didn’t like crowds so I chucked it up to that. However, as we got closer to the castle, he went up to the photographer and whispered something in his ear. I didn’t think much of it as the time went by really quickly from here on out.”

“As Jason approached me for the pictures I knew something was up. When I put my hand on his chest for the picture, it was pounding so hard I could hear it. The photographer started taking pictures and Jason started backing away, I asked him what he was doing and he proceeded to get on one knee and ask me if I would be the love of his life for the rest of our lives. The crying started, and of course so did the yeses. As we stepped back, the crowd had gathered and the applause started. It was super sweet!”







Danielle – The Bride’s Story

“Honestly, there wasn’t a single moment that stood out, because all of the big events of the evening were so fantastic. However, I believe the MOST memorable of the entire event was playing the shoe game, seeing all our friends and family laughing and finally realizing that the work part was over and now we really got to relax and have fun at our wedding. Of course, I loved getting to spend time with my favorite staff of all time at The Bella Sera.”

“My top 3 moments of the day were sitting out front of our hair/makeup ladies boutique and drinking mimosas and eating bagels, having my mom and Aunt Jeanne help me get ready, and KNOWING my Dad would be the first to cry, but he did so very well…turns out it was me who lost it in the end! What I remember most about marrying Jason is he and his brother laughing at me because I couldn’t turn off the water works. I wouldn’t have changed anything at our wedding, everyone was on his or her very best behavior!”

“My entire family were getting compliment after compliment on how incredible the venue was, how polite the staff was and how “perfect” the wedding went. Jason’s Grandfather did mention to my mother that it was the most beautiful ceremony he had ever been to.”

“There was one “behind the scenes” thing that happened, but it is pretty bad lol. Our bridesmaids and groomsmen made a card, and on this card they wrote every single inappropriate joke or stupid comment that we have ever said over the many past years. It was one of Jason and I’s favorite things from our wedding.”

“I already knew the design and décor of the ceremony and reception would be mind blowing, and I was completely right! Everything had come together so perfectly and Elisabeth and Sari went up and way past the expectations to make sure that my entire room was absolutely breath taking!”

“Bella Sera was perfect for me, I don’t know why exactly it worked out so perfectly, but it really just fit. I would tell any future bride to imagine her dream wedding, grab a pen and paper and to write it down, and the Bella Sera would make it come true. BREATHE. And spend a little extra time to yourself before you walk down the way.”

“l love and miss everyone at the Bella already!!”





Jason – The Groom’s Story

“Earlier in the day, while getting ready for the wedding me and one of my lifelong friends had made a joke in passing about how I would eventually shed a tear when Danielle walked down the staircase. Almost as if it had been planned, the moment I saw my soon to be wife, I felt the warmth of a tear run down my cheek, and as I smiled and turned quickly to look back at the same lifelong friend, I saw him starting to tear up as well. The feeling of knowing that the men standing next to me not only cared but also understood how much she meant to me was overpowering. It turns out after all that I was not the only man that would cry that day, and many more tears of joy would be shared that day.”

“It was really important to me that nothing went wrong, and fortunately nobody caused drama, at least not that we knew about. That was huge and I am sure the Bella Sera staff had a bunch to do with everything going so smoothly!”

“The moment that stands out in my mind the most is when Dennis, Danielle’s father, walked her down the isle. I remember that when they both stood in front of me, and Dennis looked at Danielle and Danielle looked at Dennis and spoke 3 words that really touched my heart. Those words were “are you ready?” I realized at that moment that so to speak, Danielle was now more than ever mine to protect, love, and cherish forever.”

“Several other amazing moments were seeing Danielle walk down the staircase in her dress, our first dance together, and shaking my fathers hand, giving him a hug, and him telling me how proud he was of the both of us. I remember everything from the wedding. I can honestly say that every memory that was made was one that will forever be with me. I wouldn’t have changed anything at all, not a single moment.”


























The Wedding Professionals

Bridal Gown: The Bridal Collection / Designer: Maggie Sottero / Birdcage Veil: Danielle’s Aunt Jeanne / The Red Car: Jason’s Baby / Tuxedos: Al’s Formal Wear / Wedding Cake: Danielle’s Bridesmaid Kailey / Flowers: Vickie’s Flowers / Photography: Mark Alison Photography / DJ: DJ Guy / Wedding Designer: Elisabeth Montoya, The Bella Sera / Venue: The Bella Sera Event Center / Catering: Bella Sera


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