Mexican-American Wedding Traditions


Planning a Mexican-American Wedding?  Wanting to know what to expect as a guest?  This guide will help you navigate all your needs!  Mexican culture weaves a beautiful depth to the fabric of America, and their celebrations are no exception. The traditions that are common in Mexican-American Weddings bring together some of the best things in life — including music, family, delicious food, drinks, and dancing. 

The Music

Music is important to any celebration!  While DJs and bands are traditional at American weddings, Mariachi bands are often present at Mexican-American weddings and they bring tradition and music to life. Not only are they traditionally symbolic, they are so lively and are sure to get everyone moving! Usually consisting of guitars, trumpets, violins, and an accordion, Mariachi music originated in Mexico hundreds of years ago.  With such a unique history, the music has various textures and styles. Each Mariachi band has its own style and energy, which makes them incredibly entertaining and unique!

Family and Tradition

Family is first, and not definitely not excluded, in Mexican-American weddings! Of the many unique traits of the event, the first is the guest list.  It will be large, filled with family and friends, and certainly warm. Cousins of cousins are sure to be invited — and even be part of the bridal party! Because the whole family will be there, don’t expect things to end early. Most weddings start later in the evening and end in the early hours of the morning. Needless to say, Mexican-American weddings make for an enjoyable party for all guests to enjoy!

Not only is family a huge portion of the event, but also traditional events!  The first of the traditions begins with the money dance, where guests pay (and sometimes pin bills to the Bride’s dress) to dance with the bride. This money is normally used for the honeymoon, or used to purchase furniture for the couple’s new home.  Cotillón is also a tradition at Mexican-American weddings.  Cotillon, another Mexican-American wedding tradition, is actually a photo booth with props like glow sticks, costumes, or funny hats for guests to dress up with and take pictures. Additionally, Mexican-American weddings also highlight more traditional American wedding traditions like father-daughter dances and the first dance. With all the visiting and celebrating, along with the traditional events that happen, the party will be one to remember!   

The Food and Drink

Great weddings always have great food and delicious drinks!  Needless to say, a Mexican-American wedding is certainly no exception. While the food served is traditional, the delicious meal involves chicken, pork, rice and beans, mole, green chili, tacos, enchiladas, and other cultural favorites!  Beer and tequila also play a vital role in the drink selection available. Interested in a cultural snack to curb that sweet tooth? Churros and cake (which is sometimes traditional rum-soaked fruitcake) are the sweet highlight of Mexican-American weddings. If you are looking for some delicious Mexican food options for your big day, the Bella Sera can help, offering full service in house catering (including the menu options listed above)!  

Latino weddings encompass all of the elements of what makes life great — bringing together family, good food, and celebrating it all. That’s what weddings are all about!

Interested in booking a Bella Sera Mexican-American wedding?  Contact us today to book your free tour!  We know that family, friends, and fun are what make your event special.  That’s why we offer bilingual wedding planners, photographers, and so much more.  We can’t wait to hear from you!

A Grand Entrance at The Bella Sera

A bride & grooms Grand Entrance into their reception is a moment that wedding guests should never forget! At The Bella Sera we guarantee they won’t forget it.

Our Event Directors work closely with our DJ’s to create a once in a lifetime moment when announcing the couple high above the crowd off our Romeo & Juliet balconies! The bride and groom revel in this moment as the guests of honor!

The Grand Entrance is a time for the entire wedding party to make a splash too! Couples can choose to have each person of their wedding party announced individually or they can have the entire wedding party announced as a group; it’s a matter of personal preference. Guests love to watch the couples of the wedding party dance into the reception to the beat of an upbeat song!

The bride and groom are announced as they step out onto the balcony to soak in the moment, they get a big adrenaline rush from the loud roar of cheering and clapping. They constantly tell us that this was one of the best moments of their celebration, because they feel so much love from everyone all at once.

It is truly a moment that not only the guests will remember forever but the bride and groom will too!

The Grand Entrance sets the tone and establishes the energy for the entire reception, so the selection of the music for the Grand Entrance should be given careful consideration! We have listed a few of our favorites below!

Grand Entrance Song Ideas
Happy – Pharell Williams * Can’t Hold Us – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis * Sexy & I Know It – LMFAO * Give Me Everything – Pitbull Featuring Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer * Dynamite – Taio Cruz * Party Rock Anthem – LMFAO Featuring Lauren Bennett And Goon Rock * I Gotta Feeling – Black Eyed Peas * Forever – Chris Brown * Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours – Stevie Wonder * Let’s Get It Started – Black Eyed Peas * SexyBack – Justin Timberlake * Let’s Get Married (Remix) – Jagged Edge * Now That We Found Love – Heavy D & The Boyz * You Shook Me All Night Long – AC/DC

Created by The Following Wedding Professionals:
Wedding Photography: Mark Alison Photography / Wedding Venue: The Bella Sera Event Center / Packages: Bellissimo /  Wedding Designer: Elisabeth Montoya-Bella Sera/ Décor: Bella Sera Event Center

Wedding Rings

This is one of the most exciting times in a girl’s life, when she gets engaged. It’s definitely the same for the groom, but us girls like to tell the world when we get engaged! So why is the engagement ring so symbolic? When worn, this ring indicates that the person wearing it is engaged to be married, especially in Western cultures. Depending on the culture, the woman wears the engagement ring or both the woman and the man wear an engagement ring.

Engagement rings come in a variety of shapes, including round, pear, princess or emerald. You can find engagement bands in a variety of metals, including platinum, gold, titanium, palladium, and even recycled metals!

With almost 150 couples tying the knot at The Bella Sera last year, it was impossible to post all of their gorgeous rings, so we chose a handful of beautiful and very unique rings to share with all of you. When it comes to engagement rings, everyone in the business has heard of “The 4 C’s” – cut, clarity, color and carat. The cut is all about the angles in the stone, which determines the diamond’s brilliance and shape. The clarity depends on how free of imperfections the engagement stone is. There are many colors of diamonds from colorless to light yellow or even brown. The carat refers to the diamond’s size.

These rings hold significant importance and are something most couples hold near and dear to their hearts.  They are something that will remind them of their wedding day and their promise to love, honor, and cherish until death do them part.

In most western cultures, it’s worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, otherwise known as the ring finger. The circle was the symbol of eternity, with no beginning or end.  The hole in the center of the ring also had significance. It was considered a gateway, or door; leading to things and events both known and unknown. To give a woman a ring signifies never-ending and immortal love. Wedding rings through different stages in history have been worn on different fingers. According to  a tradition believed to have been derived from the Romans, the wedding ring is worn on the left hand ring finger because there was thought to be a vein in the finger, referred to as the ‘Vena Amoris’ or the ‘Vein of Love’ said to be directly connected to the heart.  Despite this myth that has been proven to be false, it still remains regarded by many as the number one reason rings are worn on the fourth finger.

Most men today buy diamond rings for their beloved. The tradition of diamond engagement rings began with the Italians. In Italy it was once believed that diamonds were derived from the “flames of love” and therefore clearly represented the bonds of everlasting love. An engagement ring is a symbol of the promise of marriage. It is also a symbol of the commitment to join as one in a lifelong relationship as husband and wife.

In all cultures and religions, the wedding ring is a symbol of love and commitment. However, in a Jewish marriage, the wedding band has special meaning. In the time of the Talmud, a man would give a woman a coin worth a small amount of money. Today, in a Jewish wedding ceremony, the groom gives the bride a simple wedding band – one without engravings, gemstones, or other decorations. Traditionally, the ring is made of pure gold. However, a more contemporary version of the custom says that the ring may be made of any type of metal. The band must be completely flawless because it represents a marriage that is unharmed by conflict, flaw, or show. A Jewish wedding ring also symbolizes a chain that unites generations.

Today with the blessing of equality and LGBT weddings finally being recognized, you will see rings on either hand depending on the preference of the couple.

Just a little history for you, now enjoy all of these beautiful rings in different shapes and sizes. All photos were taken by the ever talented Mark Alison Photography team here at Bella Sera.

Cheers to all of our 2014 couples and their gorgeous rings. We look forward to celebrating your 1st Anniversary with you this year, and to welcoming in all of our new couples.


Photo Backdrops – Bella Sera Event Center

Photography – Mark Alison Photography

Rings – Chosen from our amazing Bella Sera couples in 2014

A Girl and Her Wedding Dress

There’s nothing quite like a girl and her wedding dress!

Whether you have been dreaming about your wedding gown since you were five years old or you just fell head over heels for the first one that you tried on (believe it or not this does happen from time to time, I promise)! A wedding dress is truly something special. There is so much more to it than fabric and lace.   Girls spend days, weeks, even months pouring over thousands of pinterest boards, websites and magazines before they ever even venture out to try a gown on. And sometimes that first trip out may not even yield ‘the’ dress!

It can be a fun and nerve wracking process all at the same time. But from the Bella Sera to you, our advice is to enjoy it! Enjoy the day (or days) that you spend out with family and friends in search of ‘the’ dress because in the end it is worth it. It is worth every trip into a fitting room, every deliberating stare into a mirror, every nerve wracking fitting session, a girl will never feel more beautiful than she does in her wedding dress on her wedding day. A wedding dress is that pivotal point when a bride gets to showcase her unique style and feel beautiful doing it. A dress can be fun and frilly or sleek and elegant, there is no wrong choice if you feel beautiful. Seeing the bride in her dress for the first time is still one of my favorite parts of a wedding. Every single wedding at the Bella Sera we are blown away by the stunningly beautiful brides and the dresses that they have chosen.

A special thanks to Mark Alison Photography for all of the beautiful ways these amazing dresses have been captured.

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