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Sibling brothers holding up their sister on her wedding day.

10 Unique Ways to Include Siblings in Your Wedding

Let’s incorporate your siblings in your wedding day! If you’re planning your wedding, and want to include as many of your siblings in your wedding as possible, we understand how challenging it can be when you also have a lot of friends. Including siblings in unique and memorable ways at your wedding can make the day even more special. Between finding the perfect venue and choosing flowers for the bridal party bouquets, the amount of decisions that need to be made can be overwhelming.   This is why we’d like to help by giving you 10 unique ways to incorporate your siblings in your wedding. The last thing you want to do as a couple is hurt someone’s feelings!  To help make sure everyone feels involved, we recommend giving those special people a role in the wedding…


10 Unique Ways to Include Your Siblings in Your Wedding:

1. Include your siblings in your Wedding Ceremony as a Flower Girl, Ring Bearer or dancer

We know this might seem like an obvious solution… but we wanted to put all of the power in the couple’s hands. There is no rule that says a couple can only have 1 Flower Girl and 1 Ring Bearer – if you have multiple siblings, invite them all be a part of the entourage of adorable support! We’ve seen adult Beer Ring Bearer’s called “Beer Boys”, or Flower men called “Flower Dudes”, flower men and creative fun ideas like these. We’ve seen a sibling who was a ballerina dance down the aisle before the bride entered, and many other creative ways to incorporate siblings during the actual ceremony.

Sibling decorating sister's wedding cake



2. Include your sibling in your Wedding Ceremony by asking them be The Officiant

If you have a sibling you are especially close with, consider asking them to legally bind the most important decision of your life!   Not only would it save you a few dollars on the officiant fee, but it would bring the family closer together than ever before! Ask them to share a few stories, and tell your love story, and make your ceremony personal.

Sibling brother marries his younger sister at her wedding


3. Include your sibling as the one to give a blessing before dinner

Sibling giving a blessing at sister's wedding


4. Ask a sibling to be one of your Groomsmen or Bridesmaids at your wedding

It’s ok to choose whoever you want to be in your wedding. Again, we understand this might feel like a standard role… However, many couples are afraid of hurting their siblings’ feelings if they aren’t “all” in the wedding party or aren’t the Best Man/Maid of Honor. We are here to say… choosing your best friend over your sibling is not going to permanently damage your relationship.  They love you and completely understand that this day is yours – they are just happy to have any role given!

5. Sibling Shoe Game Commentator

If your wedding party is full of best friends and you were limited by size… Don’t be afraid to ask your siblings to play a more unique role that is just as fun! They will love that they still have a special place in your day and will completely understand your situation.  First of all, if you’ve never heard of the Shoe Game, you should Google it.  But the point of this option is to ask that special sibling to be the Master of Games for your reception.  Let them talk to the audience, ask you and your spouse the questions, and let them put their spin on the game.  It will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to make memories you will cherish forever!

Brother as emcee of the shoe game at his brother's wedding

6. Include your sibling to sing at your Wedding.

Yes, you read correctly. We love when our couples ask a sibling to sing their first dance.  It’s a beautiful and unique opportunity to get the wedding receptions guests invested in the event… not to mention everyone is always amazed at their talent!  It’s a win-win for everyone.



7. Have your sibling read a Scripture/Inspirational Quote Reader

If you are looking for a traditional religious ceremony having a sibling come to the front and read a scripture can be a perfect way to incorporate them in a wedding day role! Even a modern agnostic ceremony can use this suggestion and have the reader recite a meaningful quote or saying.  Just make sure you send them the entry in advance, so they can rehearse the part and understand where you want inflection, versus “tender moments”.

Brother reading his original poem at sister's wedding


8. Plan to take some fun photos with your siblings at your wedding to create memories of a lifetime

Bride with siblings photo

9. Ask your siblings to do a surprise dance of some sort at your wedding


10. Family Traditions and Customs

  • Incorporate any family traditions or customs that involve siblings. This could include cultural rituals, blessings, or symbolic gestures that hold meaning for your family.




Involving you siblings in your big day will go a long way in that lifelong relationship.  They are there to witness the addition of a new family member and want to support you every step of the way.  Keep in mind that they love you and have known you their entire lives. They will be so happy to be involved in one of the best days ever for your entire family. By involving siblings in your wedding in these meaningful ways, you not only celebrate your relationship with them but also create lasting memories together on your wedding day.

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