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Bella Sera Staff Attends Wedding Industry Conference

Elisabeth and John Montoya, owners of The Bella Sera Event Center located in the Denver metro area, recently attended the Wedding MBA Convention in Las Vegas.  Taking time out of our busy schedules to stay educated and current on what today’s brides and grooms want for their weddings, as well as how we can improve our business operations, is essential for our continued success in creating spectacular once-in-a-lifetime celebrations for our Denver area couples.

Said Elisabeth “We take it as a special privilege to be able to assist and host wedding ceremonies at our venue and to watch  couples share their vows and take the first step toward their new lives together. By regularly attending conferences and professional trainings, we stay current with what today’s couples truly need and want, and we know we have the best tools to meet those needs”.

“It’s important to keep up with technology too, as well as the newest trends in our industry, in order to continually give excellent customer service to both our clients and their guests.  As always, we work hard, and are diligent  in our vision and values. It’s essential to recognize when an outside resource can do something better and faster and offer new ideas and approaches based on their experience; we basically know when to “get out of our own way”. Montoya says.

Besides all of the joy we obviously receive from our faith, our five children, family and friends, we also feel blessed that what we do at The Bella Sera provides meaning and purpose in our lives. People who love their careers, as we do, often spend extra time making sure they are doing their best work. This is why we enjoy attending great conferences like The Wedding MBA. It makes sense that more quality goods and better service are given to customers, if the people giving that service love their job and are well-educated and have expertise in their field. We feel confident in our abilities to deliver this year after year.

Some of our favorite MBA Sessions we attended included presentations by experts from The Knot, WeddingWire, and Martha Stewart Weddings, as well as the following  break out sessions:

  • Getting Your Business Into Focus
  • Create Magic In Your Own Business
  • Dramatic Floral Demonstration
  • Renée Strauss from  TLC /Slice Network reality show “Brides of Beverly Hills”…she was adorable and amazing!

2014 marks the 10th Anniversary of The Bella Sera Event Center, and John, Elisabeth and their incredible team look forward to taking all of their knowledge and expertise to a new level in the next decade to come.

Please give us a call and discover how the Bella Sera can help you have the perfect wedding!


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