Creative Wedding Toast Ideas – Limoncello

An Original Idea to Begin Your Dinner Reception

Incorporating a creative wedding toast into your celebration to kick off the dinner reception is always a hit with guests, and something newlyweds will remember forever as they see all of the love and affection from their friends and family.

Toasting with LimonCello shots is one of those fun and creative ways we begin our Italiano dinner receptions.

Limoncello – an Italian Favorite

Limoncello shots_Bella Sera Event Center (sm)

Every guest at a wedding enjoys surprises, seeing something original and doing something they’ve never experienced before. The Tuscan feel of The Bella Sera and the Romeo & Juliet balconies gives guests the feeling of a touch of Italy. Since we know how much Italian’s love their Limoncello, we’ve incorporated a fun and creative experience for everyone as they toast our newlyweds with a shot of Limoncello at their grand entrance. Many times in Italy it is poured as a sign of thanks after dinner. We use it as a small drink after the cocktail hour to kick off the dinner reception in a fun and memorable way.

In anticipation of the couple’s spectacular grand entrance, miniature shots of Limoncello are carefully poured for each guest. Of course, we have non-alcoholic lemonade for those guests under 21 as well, so everyone gets to participate.

Now that formal photos are completed, and everyone can finally enjoy spending time with the couple, guests anxiously await the moment when the newlyweds will walk out from up above on the Romeo & Juliet balcony. Our Italian Emcee (Joe Caracciolo with DJ Done) gets everyone in their seats, and prepares them for what to say when the perfect time arrives. He delivers a crowd pleasing grand entrance like no other.

Grand Entrance Limoncello Toast_Bella Sera Event Center Emcee (sm)

The Bride and Groom or newlyweds burst through the balcony doors making a grand appearance high above the guests, while everyone cheers yelling such quotes like “To Happily Ever After”, “Viva Li Sposi”, “To the Happy Couple” or any number of creative toasts to start the dinner reception off with a bang.

Limoncello toast to newlyweds_Bella Sera Event Center (sm)

It is truly a magical moment for everyone to remember for years to come.



Limoncello is one of the most famous digestivi, or after-dinner drinks, in Italy. With good reason, if you’ve ever had a sip of this sweet, yellow liqueur you know that it’s not like any other digestive or after dinner drink. Limoncello is the pride and joy of Italy’s Campania and Liguria regions, and many of our couples enjoy it too.





Written by Elisabeth Montoya – Co-owner and Lead Designer for The Bella Sera Event Center

Photos: courtesy of Mark Alison Photography

Venue: The Bella Sera Event Center

Newlyweds: Carolyn and Alex 12-12-16

DJ / Emcee: Joe Caracciolo with DJ Done




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