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Finding the perfect wedding makeup artist!

Having challenges finding the perfect wedding makeup artist? These tips are sure to help written by Bella Sera’s Bride, and amazing fashion blogger Rebecca. Check her out at The Novice Native.

Rebecca writes…

I couldn’t be more excited about weddings and sharing my tips from finding the perfect wedding makeup artist for my own wedding.  Having had the perfect wedding at The Bella Sera Event Center (in my opinion), I’m loving every opportunity to celebrate someone else’s big day and reminisce on our own memories! I’m also collaborating with Elisabeth at The Bella Sera to help create and share fun, helpful and inspiring blog posts for The Bella Sera.

Recently I went to Denver’s version of Vegas, Blackhawk, to celebrate a sweet girlfriend and fellow blogger’s bachelorette party!  Be sure and check her out at

But let’s talk your wedding, and review hands-down the best makeup artist in Denver!

Choosing your hairstyle first

First things first; you may want to determine what your hairstyle will be first before finding a  makeup artist. Referencing a post on my website about this topic will help; see here on Choosing a Hairstyle . Here is my wedding hair style in progress below:



Wedding makeup


Steps to finding your perfect wedding makeup artist


  • Ask around!  Friends are a great way to get good, real life feedback.
  • Peruse Instagram and blogs!
  • Google
  • Make a list of your top choices, narrow it down to 10.


  • Send an initial email to your top 10.  Include your date, wants, and needs, as well as photos if you have them.  Ask for pricing and availability!


  • Rule out everyone outside of your budget once you’ve gotten a majority of the responses.
  • Dig a little deeper into your top 3.  Talk to each of them, see if they offer trials (most of these will cost money, be prepared)
  • Choose your artist and sign your contract!

Now that you’ve chosen the perfect partner, you’re ready to set up your trial run!  I HIGHLY recommend doing one, as there were a few changes I needed to make after mine.  Scheduling it in the morning is ideal, as you can see how the makeup wears throughout the day!  You don’t want it to slide off, or smear with the slightest glisten.  Having a photo to bring with you on the day of your trial will be very helpful for the artist.  If you can, bring a few options in case the artist suggests that one may not work with your skin tone, etc.


Makeup artist for weddings


If you are happy with the way your trial went, get with your artist and determine a timeline for the big day!  You will want to consider how many girls are getting their makeup done, and factor that in to the hair schedule.

I am going to leave you with this little suggestion for scheduling and deciding what work is done… If you are considering paying to have your bridesmaid’s make up done, or asking that they pay for it themselves, one of the best ways to cut down on the cost is to ask the makeup artist if she does “mini facials”.  If she doesn’t understand, you could suggest and ask if she would be willing to do “eyes only” or “full face with no lashes” for each of the girls.  This will cut down on her work load, but also give her the opportunity to earn additional business since she is already booked that day.


My perfect wedding makeup artist

For all who have asked– I found my DREAM Makeup Artist, Tori, in the most roundabout of ways… Yes, I followed my steps listed above, but it goes to  show you all methods counts.  I reached out to a friend of mine who suggested her top pick in Denver.

After reaching out, I was recommended to Tori, from Bronze and Beautiful.  Once finding her, I browsed her website and decided to add her to my list!  After chatting on the phone and exchanging emails, I decided to book with Tori.  Not only did she have a fantastic resume, but Tori was more than willing to work with me to create a look for each of my girls that was in my price range…

Wedding lipstick

Wedding makeup eye shadow

The final look

Here I am at The Bella Sera Event Center on my wedding day. My makeup artist did more than exceptional job, she helped make my day absolutely perfect, and even came to my home the day before for a spray tan and brow tint!  Dreams do come true!!!!!!  PS It lasted all night 🙂


Beautiful Bride's makeup at Bella Sera


I hope this helps you find your perfect match – You’re going to be beautiful!



Rebecca (Happy Bella Sera Bride)

The Novice Native.


Creative Wedding Toast Ideas – Limoncello

An Original Idea to Begin Your Dinner Reception

Incorporating a creative wedding toast into your celebration to kick off the dinner reception is always a hit with guests, and something newlyweds will remember forever as they see all of the love and affection from their friends and family.

Toasting with LimonCello shots is one of those fun and creative ways we begin our Italiano dinner receptions.

Limoncello – an Italian Favorite

Limoncello shots_Bella Sera Event Center (sm)

Every guest at a wedding enjoys surprises, seeing something original and doing something they’ve never experienced before. The Tuscan feel of The Bella Sera and the Romeo & Juliet balconies gives guests the feeling of a touch of Italy. Since we know how much Italian’s love their Limoncello, we’ve incorporated a fun and creative experience for everyone as they toast our newlyweds with a shot of Limoncello at their grand entrance. Many times in Italy it is poured as a sign of thanks after dinner. We use it as a small drink after the cocktail hour to kick off the dinner reception in a fun and memorable way.

In anticipation of the couple’s spectacular grand entrance, miniature shots of Limoncello are carefully poured for each guest. Of course, we have non-alcoholic lemonade for those guests under 21 as well, so everyone gets to participate.

Now that formal photos are completed, and everyone can finally enjoy spending time with the couple, guests anxiously await the moment when the newlyweds will walk out from up above on the Romeo & Juliet balcony. Our Italian Emcee (Joe Caracciolo with DJ Done) gets everyone in their seats, and prepares them for what to say when the perfect time arrives. He delivers a crowd pleasing grand entrance like no other.

Grand Entrance Limoncello Toast_Bella Sera Event Center Emcee (sm)

The Bride and Groom or newlyweds burst through the balcony doors making a grand appearance high above the guests, while everyone cheers yelling such quotes like “To Happily Ever After”, “Viva Li Sposi”, “To the Happy Couple” or any number of creative toasts to start the dinner reception off with a bang.

Limoncello toast to newlyweds_Bella Sera Event Center (sm)

It is truly a magical moment for everyone to remember for years to come.



Limoncello is one of the most famous digestivi, or after-dinner drinks, in Italy. With good reason, if you’ve ever had a sip of this sweet, yellow liqueur you know that it’s not like any other digestive or after dinner drink. Limoncello is the pride and joy of Italy’s Campania and Liguria regions, and many of our couples enjoy it too.





Written by Elisabeth Montoya – Co-owner and Lead Designer for The Bella Sera Event Center

Photos: courtesy of Mark Alison Photography

Venue: The Bella Sera Event Center

Newlyweds: Carolyn and Alex 12-12-16

DJ / Emcee: Joe Caracciolo with DJ Done




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