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Classic & Luxury Car Wedding Transportation

“The experience of a lifetime” is what most newlywed couples want to achieve when chauffeured to their wedding in a classic or luxury automobile. They also want gorgeous, unique photos like these taken at Bella Sera.

For car enthusiasts, they say few things stir the soul like an expensive luxury car or driving a classic limited edition auto.

Most of these cars are found in very limited quantities these days:

Model T
The Bentley
Rolls Royce
1936 Auburn Roadster
… and a more modern day classic, the White Stretch Limousine

As you can see from them amazing photos, standing out from the pack on their wedding day with cars like these, didn’t take too much effort for our couples!

They were all showstoppers, and something all of their guests really enjoyed and talked about all night. Guests wanted to pose with the couples and the car or make sure they took photos of the newlyweds to share with all of their friends on Facebook.

These one-of-a-kind cars were either chauffeur driven to The Bella Sera or given to the bride and groom as a “wedding day only” gift from a family member. It was a very memorable touch and added another design element to their overall wedding theme or expression of their personal tastes.

Nobody can argue that a stretch limo like this one has all of the flash and fun for the bride and groom as well as their entire wedding party.

So if you want an unforgettable entrance, and want to turn heads and wow your guests, check into a vintage, classic or retro-chic car for your special day. You’ll be sure to add style, great charm and character to your overall experience and your photos backdrops.
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