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Dramatic Wedding Lighting

Simply stated, dramatic wedding lighting creates a mood and leaves a long lasting impression with your guests. There is so much more to the lighting at your wedding reception than a dimmer switch.


At the Bella Sera we have a state of the art lighting system that completely floods the walls with the color of your choice. This is what creates the dramatic wedding lighting within our venue! Our designers are experts at helping you choose the right balance of colors between linens, centerpieces, floral accents & lighting, within your color scheme.

Depending on whether you are looking for a romantic feeling or something a little more fun and eclectic, lighting can help your guests connect emotionally with the flow of your event.   A soft amber glow during your ceremony can create such a wonderfully romantic ambiance! Or even allowing your guests to enjoy a candle lit dinner and then surprise them with a splash of a bold color all around the room during the festivities of the reception! Using  lighting as a fun accent color to make something special stand out is another way to excite and draw the attention of your guests, whether it is behind your cake or even a candy table, it can really make a special display stand out!

Lighting can be such a powerful element of the overall design of a wedding! Don’t forget to create a mood and leave your guest with a long lasting impression with lighting at the Bella Sera!




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