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Real Wedding – Edna and Daniel Prieto

This week we wanted to feature a real wedding. On August 9th, 2014 Edna and Daniel Prieto spent the day with 350 of their closest family and friends. Many of which traveled to Colorado from 10 different states, and even from as far away as Mexico to celebrate this union.

Simply put, we just love this couple! They are two of the most kind, pleasant, fun and “in love” couples we have ever met.

What mattered the most to them?
When asked to share the most incredible memories of their day, Edna said “Where do I begin?” She said friends and family are still talking about their wedding. They are still telling them that it was the most beautiful, fun, unique and meaningful wedding they have ever attended. They said it has set a new standard in their entire family. One of the most special comments she read in their guest book was from a few single guests who said they looked so happy on that day and it makes them want their wedding day to be exactly like theirs. But beyond being simply stunned by the beauty and love that was ever present at their wedding, Edna’s cousin pointed out that their “very serious” uncle who never lets loose, was actually on the dance floor dancing and having a great time! It was a celebration that you couldn’t help but have fun at! The Grandma of the bride said that it was such a gift to see Edna’s mother actually enjoying herself and not having to do a thing because the Bella Sera took care of everything. This is exactly what they wanted since they hadn’t seen some of their guests for years.


What were the top three most memorable moments?
The Grand Entrance – Since their ceremony was at a church, they hadn’t interacted with any quests for quite some time after they finished pictures at the church. Therefore, they said the most incredible moment of the entire reception was when they pushed open the Romeo & Juliet balcony doors and were announced for their Grand Entrance. They said the cheering and applause were overwhelming. They felt like movie stars up high looking out onto all of their favorite people in the world.

Their First Dance – they had rehearsed a very special first dance for months, and when they were actually performing it right after their video was shown, it was magical. Everything was timed perfectly and all of the guests were so surprised and delighted when they broke out into break dancing and fun, sassy moves. It was a blast. They started out dancing to “Amor del Bueno” by Reyli , and then broke out into a collection of songs for their Surprise dance which included a mix with Fergie, Iggy Azalea, T.I. and Prince Royce.

Mark Alison Photography created a cinematography film/music video for them that they showcased at the celebration. Guests absolutely loved it, they were blown away by the loving story that the video told. Check it out!

The Ceremony at Church of the Ascuncion in Denver – it was so incredibly beautiful and meaningful. Edna said Daniel was so nervous when he saw her for the first time. They had everyone there who meant so much to them. There was a special moment and message from above when they started to leave the church, and it began raining. They felt God’s presence in their marriage at that moment, and as soon as they arrived at The Bella Sera, the rain stopped.

How they met, fell in love and became engaged…
They met in 1st grade and were childhood friends for a very long time. They lost touch at 12 years of age and Daniel moved out of state. About five years ago Daniel moved back, and they started their friendship up again while she was in school. Edna finished college in Ft. Collins and then travelled for about 6 months. They knew that much more than a friendship was brewing. When Daniel finally realized he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, he planned to propose during the Cirque De Soleil show. He had it all planned out, but he was too excited to wait. So he turned to her in the parking lot before they even made it to the show doors and said “I just can’t wait anymore”, and he asked her right there. At first she wondered why he couldn’t have just waited, but looking back on it she said it was just perfect the way he did it. They knew it was perfect because the Cirque De Soleil story was all about the two main characters finding each other.

Vision for Their Wedding
The overall vision that they both wanted for their wedding, was a simple, yet elegant style for the reception where family could feel comfortable and also marvel at how different and unexpected the décor was from anything they may have seen before. They loved a pool blue color and wanted to mix it with a soft yet bold grey, and Bella Sera had the perfect match for both of those shades!

As another unique design feature, they chose The Bella Sera’s one-of-a-kind hanging wedding cake that was suspended from the ceiling by their head table. Bella Sera designed and baked their cake, and the couple said it was a true wow factor. It looked so beautiful and it added to their romantic theme of unique things. It was not only absolutely beautiful, but their family is still raving about the butter pecan and cinnamon flavors that they chose. Yum!

The Bella Sera Event Center
The couple said they were just amazed at everything and everyone at The Bella Sera, beginning with Kaylene at their very first tour. They loved their private tasting and design session, and couldn’t say enough amazing things about Sari, their event coordinator. She executed everything with such precision even one of Edna’s bridesmaids commented the week after the wedding about Sari and said “She was amazing and so much fun! It was great how she kept you calm, brought you a drink and let you know you didn’t have to worry about a thing.” Sari took really great care of them. With 350 guests, they said the bartenders were absolutely amazing.

The wedding ended at 1 am, and they had to literally push people off the dance floor. Not a single person wanted to go home! It was the exact reaction that they wanted from their guests, a celebration that everyone wanted to last forever!

As with all of our amazing couples, we were blessed to have known Edna and Daniel, and to have had the opportunity to serve them. We wish them all the best in their marriage and journey ahead.
The Bella Sera Staff



The Team of Wedding Professionals:
Venue – Bella Sera Event Center / Catering – Bella Sera Catering / Wedding Cake – Bella Sera Cakes / Photography – Mark Alison Photography / Cinematography – Mark Alison Photography / Package – Bellissimo Package Bella Sera / Design & Décor – Elisabeth Montoya, Bella Sera Lead Designer / Flowers – Family friend / Church – Church of the Ascuncion in Denver


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