The Most Dramatic Brides’ Entrance Ever

Bella Sera Creates Magical Weddings with a Wall of Fog.

It’s the “experience” that matters most!

The bride and groom, and their guests will remember what they experienced far more than what they saw or heard at their wedding.

It’s hard at the beginning of the planning stages for a couple to imagine how everything is going to come together on their wedding day. What’s even more challenging is how to ensure the guest experience is incredible, and everyone has a great time and will remember it forever,

Every couple wants to be a great host and hostess for their guests, after all, this is the biggest party they have ever planned or hosted in their lives. The bride and groom have a unique love story to share and celebrate, and they want to create the type of wedding celebration that their guests have never seen or experienced before. That’s where The Bella Sera design team and event experts excel the most. Our pros know what it takes to create and execute that “experience” they want, and it’s not enough to just play great music and create beautiful surroundings.

You have to WOW your guests. This can be created and executed in many ways. The WOW factor doesn’t have to always be something over the top, but what if for your wedding it was? What if there was a wall of thin fog that floated images or video in mid-air, and the bride could dramatically appear and walk through it making the most dramatic entrance ever seen? It’s that one moment that both the bride and groom dream about…the moment he sees her for the first time. That’s why The Bella Sera is one of only a dozen companies in the United States to own a FogScreen so we can create the most dramatic and interactive experiences for our couples and their guests. Guests are mesmerized and captivated by this special effect, and they constantly comment “I’ve never seen anything like this in my life”.

Bella Sera’s FogScreen is used for dramatic ceremony entrances, fun cocktail hour interactions, the grandest grand entrances, and lots of fun during the party segment of the celebration.

The possibilities are endless.

If you’re the kind of couple who wants something that is truly a one-of-a-kind experience, Bella Sera has dozens of unique and creative tools to help you deliver the unimaginable at your wedding. Check out our weddings page for more ideas.

Our goal is to touch the hearts of our clients and their guests with celebrations they never imagined were possible, and to leave them with memories they will never forget! 

Bella Sera

Venue: The Bella Sera Event Center

Décor & Design: The Bella Sera Design Team

Bride & Groom: Mekella & Jake 7-26-14 Wedding Celebration

Technology: Bella Sera’s FogScreen®

Photography: Mark Alison Photography

Video: Adam Fusion Films

Mekella and Jake – A Modern Romantic Dream Wedding

It took over a year to plan, teams of wedding professionals and a handful of special effects to produce, but the dream wedding that Mekella had envisioned, became a reality.

hanging cake, crystal chandelier, dramatic draping for a wedding

When Mekella came to Elisabeth Montoya, lead wedding designer at The  Bella Sera, she had a good idea of what she wanted. She wanted a hip, modern, romantic wedding celebration. Most of all, she wanted to amaze her guests. Over the next year, Elisabeth and Mekella spent countless hours pouring over choices and exploring options until, indeed, they had planned Mekella’s dream wedding celebration.

The twin ballrooms at The Bella Sera, magically transformed, took on the look and feel of a very VIP nightclub. From the 14’ ice bar with dual martini luges, dry-ice drinks, indoor  and outdoor lounge areas, cool blue LED lighting, a hanging cake and the ever changing fog wall, every piece came together to transport Mekella and Jake’s family and friends to a completely different world.

ice bar with custom decoration for a wedding

The night began with the guests seated, awaiting the bride’s entrance in a  ballroom dripping with crystal chandeliers, candle light and flowers. The magic began when Mekella and her  uncle appeared through a curtain of glitter on the fog wall. The fog wall itself is a thin curtain of fog that the pros at Bella Sera projected blue glitter on. The glitter appeared to float on air until they walked through and the curtain parted around them. It was a truly magical moment. The Bella Sera is the first event venue in the United States to have this technology.

bride makes entrance through wall of fog

After the romantic candle light ceremony they moved to the reception ballroom and the magic continued. The cool blue walls highlighted the dramatic draping, multiple crystal chandeliers and stunning ice bar. The table top decor, from Vickie’s Flowers was tall, white, dripping with bling and picked up the sparkle of Bella Sera’s specialty lighting perfectly.

Suspended from the ceiling on a floating platform of flowers sat a magnificent 4’ wedding cake from Elegant Bakery. The cake composed of red velvet, white and chocolate tiers along with the display were the hit of the night.dramtic grand wedding cake on hanging table

After feasting on a sumptuous 3-course dinner of Chef John’s Italian masterpieces from the Italiano Menu, DJ Done rocked the house. Elisabeth and the team at Pure Energy Events created a lounge area in front of the DJ for the dancers to congregate. For those looking for a more laid back feel Mekella created a outdoor lounge complete with firepit and LED furniture.

Outdoor Lounge at The Bella Sera

Also entertaining was the fog wall. The guests congregated in the mist of fog all night trying to catch the shooting images as they danced and swirled in thin air!  Everyone took home a memory from the photobooth

Fog Wall at The Bella Sera

A wedding like this doesn’t come together without a lot of time, work and a host of professionals but working with Mekella and Jake was a blast. They are an adorable, gracious, creative and talented young couple. We wish them all the best in their new life together as husband and wife!

A special thank you to Mark  Alison Photography for all of the gorgeous photos…as usual!


Mark Alison Photography

Video by Adam Fusion Films

Cake by Elegant Bakery

Flowers by Vickie’s Flowers

Ice Sculpture by

DJ- DJ Done (Joe)

Lounge Furniture by Pure Energy Events

Catering by The Bella Sera Event Center, Chef John Montoya

Design, Decor, Wedding Planning and Coordination by Elisabeth Montoya

Dry Ice Drinks, Liquor and Bar by The Bella Sera Event Center

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