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Wedding Toasts

Wedding toasts can be nerve wracking. For the couple, for the person giving the toast and even sometimes for the guests. But they don’t have to be, there is quite the simple recipe…. be concise, be complimentary and above all else, speak from your heart. The best wedding toasts are sincere stories that come straight from the heart of the person that is giving them.

We encourage our couples to share this recipe with their best man and maid of honor. Tell them about the impact their toasts can have on the overall celebration, and the joy and laughter the guests will experience. No pressure though, remember its ok to keep it simple! Some toast makers may share funny memories, and some may talk about obstacles that the couple has overcome but the main thing that all wedding toasts should have in common is paying tribute to the union of the wonderful couple, where they’ve come from and where they are going, in a personal way!

It is customary for other attendees of the wedding to say a few words as well, sometimes it’s parents and often even the bride and groom themselves say a few words thanking their guests. Just remember that the recipe for success applies to everyone! Speaking from the heart is a powerful thing!

The Bella Sera understands what an emotional moment a wedding toast can be for the guests and for the lovely couple. We pay extra special attention to the beautiful and unique ways that we present the toasts because we know just how important that moment is!

Cheers to Love!

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