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Winter Wonderland Quinceanera

Weddings aren’t the only special moments that the Bella Sera has the pleasure of hosting, Quinceaneras are another very important event that the Bella Sera helps to create as well! A quinceanera is a Latin American tradition and an extremely special day for girls turning 15. The party signifies a teen’s transformation from a girl to a woman. Several symbols are used throughout the party to tell a rich story of the girl’s growing up. Traditionally the birthday girl wears a formal dress, along with flat, white shoes and a tiara. During the ceremony, the father removes the flat shoes and replaces them with heels the color of the dress. This is one among many traditions that take place symbolizing the transformation from a girl to a woman, each one being equally as important as the last!


Setting a theme to a Quinceanera can be challenging and requires a lot of attention to detail, which is just what the Bella Sera does best! With the inspiration of the season still in full swing, we wanted to feature a beautiful Winter Wonderland Quinceanera.The overall theme of this Quinceanera was created by Liset and her mother Maria since Liset’s birthday is in November. Maria hand made the branches and bought beautiful crystals for each branch. Our designer combined them with our beautiful glass vases, and topped it all off with a fantastic grand head table with endless amounts of snow and crystals. Maria and Elisabeth enjoyed working together so much on the Quinceanera, that Elisabeth hired her to be one of our many decorators.

On November 27 Agustin & Maria Lara helped their daughter Liset celebrate her 15th birthday with a Quinceanera that she would never forget!

The celebration started with a ceremony that was held at the Holy Family in Fort Collins, Colorado. Following the Ceremony, there was a fantastic Winter Wonderland celebration awaiting Liset and all of her guests back at the Bella Sera. Liset reminisced that one of her favorite moments of the day was when she made her entrance into the Bella Sera before anyone else, to see everything put together. She remembers feeling that it was perfect! Liset recalls, “The centerpieces and lighting were so unique, it was definitely over the top from a traditional Quinceanera. The cake was perfect, and the way that things were organized made the day so much less stressful!”

Another very memorable moment for Liset and her family were the slideshow that started at the very beginning of Liset’s life, with pictures of her mother Maria, pregnant with Liset and then continued on to highlight all of the special moments throughout her life. It beautifully illustrated the transformation of Liset from the time that she was a baby until the amazing Quince photo shoot!

Later in the evening, Liset, in a beautiful royal blue dress designed by Mori Lee, and her Court pereformed a choreographed dance that was one for all of her guests to remember! The Bella Sera ballroom is perfect for formal dances due to the dual staircase entrances. The boys can enter from one side and the girls from the other which provides a very dramatic feel.

After it was all said and done, we asked Liset and her family what people have said about her beautiful Winter Wonderland Quinceanera. Her mother said, “Every time we show people pictures of Liset’s Quince, people are blown away. It’s not very common to find an elegant party for such a young girl. Therefore, when we do show them our pictures, they can’t believe it. Everyone said that it was beautiful, elegant and well put together. People are even inspired by the pictures and want to have their party like ours. It’s great to know that all of our time, hard work and commitment paid off in the end. We were blessed to have such a great party and it is one that we will never forget!”

The Team of Quinceanera Professionals:
Venue – Bella Sera Event Center / Catering – Bella Sera Catering / Cake – By Request Wedding Cakes, Brighton, CO / Photography – Mark Alison Photography / Package – Bellissimo Quinceanera Package Bella Sera / Design & Décor – Elisabeth Montoya, Bella Sera Lead Designer – Maria Lara / Church – The Holy Family, Fort Collins, CO

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