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A Girl and Her Wedding Dress

There’s nothing quite like a girl and her wedding dress!

Whether you have been dreaming about your wedding gown since you were five years old or you just fell head over heels for the first one that you tried on (believe it or not this does happen from time to time, I promise)! A wedding dress is truly something special. There is so much more to it than fabric and lace.   Girls spend days, weeks, even months pouring over thousands of pinterest boards, websites and magazines before they ever even venture out to try a gown on. And sometimes that first trip out may not even yield ‘the’ dress!

It can be a fun and nerve wracking process all at the same time. But from the Bella Sera to you, our advice is to enjoy it! Enjoy the day (or days) that you spend out with family and friends in search of ‘the’ dress because in the end it is worth it. It is worth every trip into a fitting room, every deliberating stare into a mirror, every nerve wracking fitting session, a girl will never feel more beautiful than she does in her wedding dress on her wedding day. A wedding dress is that pivotal point when a bride gets to showcase her unique style and feel beautiful doing it. A dress can be fun and frilly or sleek and elegant, there is no wrong choice if you feel beautiful. Seeing the bride in her dress for the first time is still one of my favorite parts of a wedding. Every single wedding at the Bella Sera we are blown away by the stunningly beautiful brides and the dresses that they have chosen.

A special thanks to Mark Alison Photography for all of the beautiful ways these amazing dresses have been captured.

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