Father-Daughter Dance

Equally as sweet as the Mother-Son dance is the Father-Daughter dance and if the father-daughter dance is done right, there won’t be a dry eye in the house when it’s over! Its hard to top the moment when your dad walks you down the aisle and gives you away during your wedding ceremony, but with the right song, you just might be able to!

The options for Father-Daughter dance songs are just about endless. It can be a song that has a sweet sentiment, meaningful lyrics or just a song that brings a happy memory to mind for you and your dad! To give you a head start on picking out the perfect song for this special dance, we put together a list of some of the Bella Sera Staff’s favorite Father-Daughter Dance Songs. Some popular songs, some classics and some hidden gems that we just love!


To all of our Bella Sera brides and their dear sweet dads, we thank you for letting us enjoy this special moment with you during each and every wedding!

Mother-Son Dance

The mother-son dance is one of the sweetest moments at any wedding. It’s filled with love, pride, laughter and tears of joy! There are so many lovely songs to choose from for this special moment; picking one that is unique to your mother-son bond will make this memory unforgettable. When selecting your song for the mother-son dance, it should reflect the relationship that the two of you share. Whether that is fun and lighthearted or more sentimental and sweet, there are many songs to consider. When you are selecting a song, be sure to pick one that is a comfortable length for both of you. If you both love a song but it is a bit too long, talk to your DJ and ask him to fade it out at any point to make it the perfect length. Another important tip is to practice the dance together before hand. It is always good to feel relaxed and comfortable during your dance, it allows you both to truly enjoy the moment rather than worry about what steps to take and when!

To give you a head start on selecting the perfect song, we put together a list of some of the Bella Sera Staff’s favorite Mother-Son Dance Songs. Even after ten years of weddings, this special moment is one that still makes our entire staff teary eyed! There is nothing quite like a mother son bond.

To all of our Bella Sera grooms and their lovely mothers, we thank you for letting us enjoy this special moment with you during each and every wedding!


…Ready, Set, Pin

A lot has changed in the past 11 years since The Bella Sera Event Center’s team planned and designed the first wedding at our venue. One of the biggest innovations to have a positive impact on our industry in the past 5 years was the launch of Pinterest in March of 2010.

Did you know that your Pinterest board is very helpful to your personal Bella Sera Designer?

Your Bella Sera Event Designers are constantly looking for ways to get to know you and your personal wedding style, as well as add value to and simplify wedding planning and designing for our couples! Prior to your design session, your Pinterest boards are a great tool to help us get a sense of your own personal style for your dream wedding!

Here’s how you can use Pinterest to help connect with our Designers:

  • Specify Your Wedding Boards: Making a board JUST for cake styles, JUST for wedding attire, JUST for lighting, JUST for floral accents, JUST for ceremony backdrops, etc… is a great way to show us exactly what you like!
  • Pin Whatever You Like: Seriously!  And be sure to have fun with it!  This is all part of the process of figuring out exactly what the overall style of your wedding will be. Once you’ve created some boards, ‘shop’ around a bit on the internet and simply pin the things you like onto your coordinating boards. Believe it or not, a theme will start to develop!
  • Leave Us Notes:  While you’re pinning, you can leave notes beneath the items that you are pinning to tell us why you liked them or what specifically you liked about the image and how you might like to see those ideas transpire on your wedding day.
  • Peruse Our Boards!: Don’t be shy!We’d love for you to spend some time looking at our latest and greatest! Like, repin & tell us what you love on our boards!
  • Share Your Username: Connect with us directly on Pinterst or send us your username when we set up your design session! Remember, your Pinterest username may not be just your name!  Be sure to copy and paste your username directly from your Pinterest URL (pinterest.com/username)

So if you haven’t already, sign up for Pinterest, create some boards and get to pinning! We promise you’ll become addicted, and have fun at the same time by visually seeing all of your inspirations in one spot.

Wedding Monograms

Wedding Monograms at the Bella Sera are just one of the ways that we customize our wedding ceremonies and receptions to reflect the unique style and personality of each of our special couples. Whether you like casual and contemporary monogram designs, or a more classic look, the designers at the Bella Sera will help you select and customize a wedding monogram that fits perfectly!

Usually in a classic monogram, the bride’s first initial or name is put on the left; the groom’s first initial or name on the right and the first letter of grooms last name is put in the middle. The couples wedding date is also something that can be incorporated into a classic monogram design.  In a classic style wedding monogram it can be really fun to play with a variety of elegant block style fonts, romantic script fonts or even a combination of both!

In a more modern wedding monogram style, fun elements from the theme of the wedding can be incorporated in addition to the names or initials. Winter weddings sometimes incorporate elements of snow, fall weddings sometimes incorporate elements of beautiful fall leaves but really, any element from the theme of your wedding can be incorporated!

The designers at the Bella Sera are always adding special and new customizable wedding monograms to our collection.  Check out many of the latest monogram styles that we have customized for our couples below!

A Grand Entrance at The Bella Sera

A bride & grooms Grand Entrance into their reception is a moment that wedding guests should never forget! At The Bella Sera we guarantee they won’t forget it.

Our Event Directors work closely with our DJ’s to create a once in a lifetime moment when announcing the couple high above the crowd off our Romeo & Juliet balconies! The bride and groom revel in this moment as the guests of honor!

The Grand Entrance is a time for the entire wedding party to make a splash too! Couples can choose to have each person of their wedding party announced individually or they can have the entire wedding party announced as a group; it’s a matter of personal preference. Guests love to watch the couples of the wedding party dance into the reception to the beat of an upbeat song!

The bride and groom are announced as they step out onto the balcony to soak in the moment, they get a big adrenaline rush from the loud roar of cheering and clapping. They constantly tell us that this was one of the best moments of their celebration, because they feel so much love from everyone all at once.

It is truly a moment that not only the guests will remember forever but the bride and groom will too!

The Grand Entrance sets the tone and establishes the energy for the entire reception, so the selection of the music for the Grand Entrance should be given careful consideration! We have listed a few of our favorites below!

Grand Entrance Song Ideas
Happy – Pharell Williams * Can’t Hold Us – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis * Sexy & I Know It – LMFAO * Give Me Everything – Pitbull Featuring Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer * Dynamite – Taio Cruz * Party Rock Anthem – LMFAO Featuring Lauren Bennett And Goon Rock * I Gotta Feeling – Black Eyed Peas * Forever – Chris Brown * Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours – Stevie Wonder * Let’s Get It Started – Black Eyed Peas * SexyBack – Justin Timberlake * Let’s Get Married (Remix) – Jagged Edge * Now That We Found Love – Heavy D & The Boyz * You Shook Me All Night Long – AC/DC

Created by The Following Wedding Professionals:
Wedding Photography: Mark Alison Photography / Wedding Venue: The Bella Sera Event Center / Packages: Bellissimo /  Wedding Designer: Elisabeth Montoya-Bella Sera/ Décor: Bella Sera Event Center

The First Dance

The bride and groom have been pronounced husband & wife, the toast has been made, dinner has been enjoyed and finally the married couple steps onto the dance floor to take part in an amazing tradition. The tradition of the couple’s first dance as husband and wife!  The first dance of a married couple is a popular element at almost every wedding celebration. Exactly like an old-fashioned ball, the idea is that the married couple, as the guests of honor at the celebration, open the dancing to the rest of their guests.


In the past, the first dance was usually a waltz, as ballroom dancing was a widespread skill. However in the current times ballroom dancing is not such a common skill and this has changed the traditional first dance in many ways! Modern couples typically ‘slow dance’ but sometimes will learn a style of ballroom dance such as a waltz or foxtrot specifically for their first dance. Couples have even surprised their guests with an anything but ordinary pre-rehearsed choreographed dance! It’s not uncommon for an engaged couple to seek out lessons for this big moment prior to their wedding! While we can hardly say that it’s necessary, it can add a bit of fun quality time together prior to your wedding!


The style of dance and selection of the song is a very personal choice.  It should be reflective of the personality and style of the couple! Fun & quirky, elegant & classic or graceful & slow the choices for songs and ways to dance to them are endless! We wanted to share a few lists with you that might spark some ideas for your first dance song!

Wedding Rings

This is one of the most exciting times in a girl’s life, when she gets engaged. It’s definitely the same for the groom, but us girls like to tell the world when we get engaged! So why is the engagement ring so symbolic? When worn, this ring indicates that the person wearing it is engaged to be married, especially in Western cultures. Depending on the culture, the woman wears the engagement ring or both the woman and the man wear an engagement ring.

Engagement rings come in a variety of shapes, including round, pear, princess or emerald. You can find engagement bands in a variety of metals, including platinum, gold, titanium, palladium, and even recycled metals!

With almost 150 couples tying the knot at The Bella Sera last year, it was impossible to post all of their gorgeous rings, so we chose a handful of beautiful and very unique rings to share with all of you. When it comes to engagement rings, everyone in the business has heard of “The 4 C’s” – cut, clarity, color and carat. The cut is all about the angles in the stone, which determines the diamond’s brilliance and shape. The clarity depends on how free of imperfections the engagement stone is. There are many colors of diamonds from colorless to light yellow or even brown. The carat refers to the diamond’s size.

These rings hold significant importance and are something most couples hold near and dear to their hearts.  They are something that will remind them of their wedding day and their promise to love, honor, and cherish until death do them part.

In most western cultures, it’s worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, otherwise known as the ring finger. The circle was the symbol of eternity, with no beginning or end.  The hole in the center of the ring also had significance. It was considered a gateway, or door; leading to things and events both known and unknown. To give a woman a ring signifies never-ending and immortal love. Wedding rings through different stages in history have been worn on different fingers. According to  a tradition believed to have been derived from the Romans, the wedding ring is worn on the left hand ring finger because there was thought to be a vein in the finger, referred to as the ‘Vena Amoris’ or the ‘Vein of Love’ said to be directly connected to the heart.  Despite this myth that has been proven to be false, it still remains regarded by many as the number one reason rings are worn on the fourth finger.

Most men today buy diamond rings for their beloved. The tradition of diamond engagement rings began with the Italians. In Italy it was once believed that diamonds were derived from the “flames of love” and therefore clearly represented the bonds of everlasting love. An engagement ring is a symbol of the promise of marriage. It is also a symbol of the commitment to join as one in a lifelong relationship as husband and wife.

In all cultures and religions, the wedding ring is a symbol of love and commitment. However, in a Jewish marriage, the wedding band has special meaning. In the time of the Talmud, a man would give a woman a coin worth a small amount of money. Today, in a Jewish wedding ceremony, the groom gives the bride a simple wedding band – one without engravings, gemstones, or other decorations. Traditionally, the ring is made of pure gold. However, a more contemporary version of the custom says that the ring may be made of any type of metal. The band must be completely flawless because it represents a marriage that is unharmed by conflict, flaw, or show. A Jewish wedding ring also symbolizes a chain that unites generations.

Today with the blessing of equality and LGBT weddings finally being recognized, you will see rings on either hand depending on the preference of the couple.

Just a little history for you, now enjoy all of these beautiful rings in different shapes and sizes. All photos were taken by the ever talented Mark Alison Photography team here at Bella Sera.

Cheers to all of our 2014 couples and their gorgeous rings. We look forward to celebrating your 1st Anniversary with you this year, and to welcoming in all of our new couples.


Photo Backdrops – Bella Sera Event Center

Photography – Mark Alison Photography

Rings – Chosen from our amazing Bella Sera couples in 2014

Real Wedding: Shannon and Dennis

Shannon and Dennis 11-1-14
The Wedding Style – 1940’s Old Hollywood Glam 
We had so much fun designing this wedding with Shannon and Dennis for their November 1st, 2014 celebration. The bride Shannon has always been enamored by the 1940’s Old Hollywood Glam style, and she wanted to play that up for their wedding.
She carried this look all the way through her gorgeous gown, her accessories, and definitely with the decor. They wanted the ceremony and the venue to reflect a vintage elegance, but wanted the reception to be full of dancing, laughter, and great music. We combined our Ultra-Platinum centerpieces with the beautiful antique finish Mark Alison Photography chose for their photos to create something truly special and unique. Since The Bella Sera was an old twin theater 40 years ago, the couple felt it rather fitting to go with their wedding style and feel. The bride’s veil was true to style also and was very special to her, as an honorary bridesmaid, who could not attend, constructed the entire veil for her by hand. Another honorary bridesmaid who could not make it sent her several brooches for her bouquet, along with a kangaroo and cockatiel to add all of the little touches that made the wedding so special for them.
The Couple
The bride and groom are both complete comic book nerds, and they bonded over that well before they even started dating, and continue to do so. The groom loves her compassion and heart, and she loves his kindness and strength. They have always chosen each other in any difficult situation they have encountered. They met at a high school graduation practice, and reconnected several years later.

It was clear to both of them that they were meant to be together about six months into the relationship when they were casually planning a huge life event together. “That’s what we will tell the kids, anyway” said Shannon. In all honesty, the bride said she knew they were going to be together forever when they spent an entire weekend binge watching Bridezillas, and the groom was just as into it as she was.

The Proposal
They were eating lunch before a movie, and he said “You know…with all of the plans we’re making together, we should probably get married”. She said “Did you just propose to me”, and he said “Yeah, I guess I did”. She was pretty crestfallen, and it certainly wasn’t the engagement story she had hoped for. However, it was “their story”, and one they will always remember happening the way it was suppose to. A few months later he proposed formally as she was getting ready to go dress shopping with his Aunt and Uncle who were in town visiting. He got on one knee and proposed before they visited any bridal shops with a beautiful ring. It was so fitting, as Shannon found her gorgeous gown that same day.

The Ceremony
Dory Pinkham is one of The Bella Sera’s favorite officiants, and Shannon and Dennis absolutely loved her. Dory showed how much she really cares about the couples she works with, and connects with them to ensure that what she’s saying on your wedding day resonates with the couple and all of their guests. Dory made sure to incorporate a passage regarding Dennis’ deceased family in a way that felt organic and sincere. The couple feels blessed to have her in their lives. They absolutely loved her.
The Celebration 
It was very important to them that their wedding be on time, and not be dry and incredibly boring like many weddings can be. While guests were seated for the ceremony Shannon created a truly unique and personalized program telling the story of the two of them that guests could enjoy while they waited for the ceremony to begin. It paid tribute to the day (Day of the Dead) and those who were unable to make it to the wedding.

The groom was incredibly close to his Grandfather, who raised him, until his untimely death. His mother, who also died when he was young, was a very important presence in his life, and they both wanted their guests to know a little more about those who meant so much to the groom. Overall the program was a fun way of telling the couple’s story in a very unique and fun way.

Looking back they both said everything on their wedding day went by so quickly. They were so pleased that the whole celebration really represented “them” so well and that is why it will be so memorable for the two of them. “It was outwardly post and elegant, but at it’s heart, was fun and offbeat too” said Shannon. She said seeing Dennis’s reaction when he saw her for the first time ranks among her very favorite moments of the day. They both also loved the toasts given by their wedding party; this close group, and their toasts, ran the full gamut from completely traditional, to, well, the bride’s friend Jen. The toasts rank among the highest highlights of the night for the couple. Every speech was beautiful and heartfelt. Shannon was in tears by the end of them. She said she doesn’t think people realize the impact their words have, and they were so touched by everything their wedding party had to say to them, about them, and for them.

It meant the world to the couple to have people at their wedding who wanted to share the experience with them, front and center, and enjoy themselves. The guests were mostly from out of town since they are part of the military community. Most of her childhood friends attended too. Besides a wedding on the beaches in Hawaii, Shannon said this was her favorite wedding she has ever attended, even though she may be completely biased. Her guests said how beautifully decorated the venue was, and how amazing the food was. The couple demonstrated the importance of creating a celebration that truly represented who they are by offering a taco bar and chips, salsa and queso station for their food. This was a joint venture between Dennis and Shannon, as they have always loved tacos and thought it would be fun and a little quirky for their guests.  Everyone absolutely loved the taco bar.

The Music with DJ Done
Bella Sera’s amazing DJ Done, Joe, rocked the house. He played everything they loved from the 80’s and 90’s, and everyone loved him and had a blast. The bride and a few guests were shocked and delighted to hear a few songs come on that none of them had requested, but were talking about wanting to hear. Joe knew exactly what their tastes were. He happened to graduate the same year Dennis and Shannon did, so he knew exactly what to play.  He even started beat boxing the first time they met him.  As for the wedding day itself, he was completely on point.  Their guests were gushing over how talented and in touch he was. In fact, they had mentioned a few songs they wanted to hear in passing to each other that night, and within the hour, ALL of those songs had been played, even without them having to request them. The couple said, “He’s a genuinely nice guy, and we could not have been happier with his performance”.

“Mark Alison Photography, and Mark specifically, was really fun to work with on their wedding day”, said the bride. He really appreciated and enjoyed their theme, and was receptive to a few ideas they had. He had a strong concept of what he was doing and looking for, and the couple absolutely loved their photos and the beautiful antique treatment he put on the photos to match the era, theme and their style. Shannon wanted candids and shots of everyone enjoying themselves and being natural and not in stuffy, awkward shots. He accomplished this for them very well.

The Venue (written by the bride)
The Bella Sera was instrumental in the execution of our Wedding. We came in with a strong sense of what we wanted, and The Bella Sera made those ideas come to life. With us living so far away from the venue in Colorado Springs, knowing that our vision and any subsequent concerns were addressed, put our minds at ease. There was very little work on our part that needed to be done after our planning and design session last December. All questions and concerns we had between then and the wedding were addressed and taken care of very quickly and efficiently. The Bella Sera is truly a diamond in the rough. For the pragmatic brides out there, I will say this: “You will be hard-pressed to find a venue that will give you your dream wedding for a reasonable price”. We had looked at venues closer to where we live, and we would have gotten far less for far more. One of the highlights of my night was hearing how beautiful the place was and what an incredible job I did finding and picking this place. I worked directly with Sari and Elisabeth, who were absolutely amazing. They recommended all of the vendors we worked with, and they were a perfect fit. The staff at Bella Sera takes the time to get to know you and then works to ensure your day is as near to perfect as possible.
Overall, it was a perfect day for the couple. They truly want to share life’s adventures together, and they are looking forward to sharing the journey ahead of them. It was so wonderful to express their love and commitment for each other in front of those they love and care about the most.
The Bella Sera was truly blessed to share in this celebration with Shannon and Dennis. Their style was so much fun to work with, and everyone loved their creative program that told their love story and showcased their personalities in such a creative and unique way. We wish you all the love and happiness marriage brings! –The Bella Sera Staff
The Wedding Professionals & Details:
Officiant – Dory Pinkham
DJ – DJ Done, Joe
Photography – Mark Alison Photography
First Dance Song – “Come Away with Me” by Norah Jones
Dress – Allure Bridals from Something Beautiful Boutique
Tuxes – Mens Warehouse
Design and Decor – Elisabeth Montoya, Lead Designer – Bella Sera Event Center
Catering – Bella Sera Catering
Cake – Sugar Plum Cake Shoppe. The flavors were chocolate with mocha filling and a buttercream frosting. The design of the cake was a nod to a gorgeous Australian cake the bride saw last year, although the original was copper.

Feel Inspired by the Holiday Season

If you ask me, it’s hard not to feel inspired by the holiday season! Even though I love summertime, winter and holiday inspired weddings make my heart sing. There is just something about the sparkle of an icy blue winter wonderland wedding and the shimmer silver and gold that will leave you breathless.

I think that when you take your wedding day, one of the happiest days of your life and let the Bella Sera designers help you feel inspired by the most wonderful time of the year (the holidays of course!) you can only have amazing results!

There are so many different ways to incorporate this amazing season into your special day. You can have a full blown silver and gold celebration that will truly highlight the beauty of these two metallic tones with dashes of holiday red for an extra festive feeling. Or you can immerse your guests in a magical winter wonderland that is full of beauty, sparkle and icy blue wonder. Either way your guests will be in awe!

So, enjoy this time of year, let the holidays inspire you, and hopefully if your are planning a holiday wedding you will let the Bella Sera team create a magical setting and experience for you and your guests!

Created by The Following Wedding Professionals:
Wedding Photography: Mark Alison Photography  / Wedding Venue: The Bella Sera Event Center / Packages: Bellissimo /  Wedding Designer: Elisabeth Montoya-Bella Sera/ Décor: Bella Sera Event Center

A Blissfully Bold Color Palette

If a blissfully bold color palette is what you are after for your wedding, red and orange could be just the thing! Red is energizing. It excites the emotions and motivates us to take action. It signifies a pioneering spirit and leadership qualities, promoting ambition and determination. It is a representation of passion, love and it is always fashion forward.  As its counterpart, the color psychology of orange is optimistic and uplifting, rejuvenating of our spirit. Orange brings spontaneity and a positive outlook on life and is a great color to keep us motivated and to help us to look on the brighter side of life.

The dynamics of these two colors work in perfect harmony for the bold color palette of this wedding! The boldness of red and bright cheeriness of orange create an atmosphere for guests that is luxurious, fun and most certainly romantic! The Bella Sera design team helped our couple find all the right ways to incorporate each of these colors! The ceremony and reception were a perfect representation of the couple’s trend setting and bold style and their desire to do something that was completely unique!

So if you are still debating on a color scheme for your very own wedding and thought that you could only choose from a soft and pastel color pallet, know this… Bold and vibrant can be romantic, exciting, & equally beautiful!

The Team of Wedding Professionals:
Venue – Bella Sera Event Center / Catering – Bella Sera Catering / Wedding Cake – Bella Sera Cakes / Photography – Mark Alison Photography /  Package – Bellissimo Package Bella Sera / Design & Décor – Elisabeth Montoya, Bella Sera Lead Designer 

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