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Ben & Amber’s Wedding

Ben and Amber Burnett  ~ September 23, 2011

Their story began in Northern Colorado where Ben and Amber met while both working at FedEx. Ben a driver, and Amber an office manager, Ben began visiting the office a lot more frequently asking for office supplies, copies and anything else he could come up with just to see Amber. He soon found the courage to ask her out, and the rest is history. They have what it takes to make a great relationship thrive. They have different temperaments, yet similar interests and they love everything about each other.

When it came to their wedding style, they had a very clear vision for what they wanted which was, in their words, “classy and clean”. They chose Black, White and Plum, with hints of Silver. To keep it classy and simple the only flowers we used on their centerpieces were white orchids, and the bride selected white roses for her bouquet. For a “wow factor” her flower baskets were made of white roses, but she decided to fill them with red rose petals to add just a touch of pop to the overall ceremony decor. Their inspiration for the plum color came from a magazine photo of a dress, and they fell in love with the rich color. It was a challenge to match, but Bella Sera had the exact plum satin linen and it came together beautifully.

When it comes to wedding cake, it used to be a tradition to place many small cakes on top of each other as high as possible so newlyweds would then try to exchange a kiss over the top of the tower of cakes without knocking them down. Then frosting was introduced during the reign of King Charles II, and it was more than common for the bride and groom to get a face full of cake and frosting on their wedding day. Ben and Amber chose the latter. They geared up for this occasion with custom made bibs and safety glasses.  They made bibs out of black satin and decorated them to look like a tux and a wedding dress. They added a personalized touch by including safety glasses to the outfit – the exact brand Ben has to wear every day while at work. Let the cake smashing begin! They went at it, and the guests loved it!

Other personal touches the couple included was to have their ring bearer carry an antique box with a mini skeleton key instead of a pillow.  This inspiration came from their love of antique stores, and they actually purchased Ben’s ring at an antique shop in Estes Park. Their toasting goblets were given to them by the bride’s grandmother and included delicate charms on the base of the goblet.

The couple originally wanted to get married in the mountains.  However, when they saw the Bella Sera, they said they knew there was some competition.  They ultimately decided the Bella Sera was the place because the venue offered the best package and the atmosphere and décor were unlike anything else they had seen while searching for the perfect location.  As they stated, “We had no regrets about not choosing a mountain location, we loved our day!”

Words of advice from the bride…

1) ” If you are doing your own hair, pick a very simple style. I didn’t have a plan and took too long which caused me to not get any pics before the wedding”.

2) “Pick someone who is not in your wedding in any way, and have them make sure all of you ducks are in a row.  Let them in on your plan”

“All and all, everything we did for our wedding came together beautifully and we enjoyed every moment”.

THE TEAM OF EXPERTS: Wedding Photography: Mark Alison Photography / Wedding Venue: The Bella Sera Event Center / Lighting: Lighting and Design by Scott: Wedding Designer: Elisabeth Montoya-Bella Sera / Cake: Mother of the bride; designed and decorated by Amber / Floral Design:  Bride Amber/ Linens & Chair covers: Belinda’s Creations at Bella Sera / Décor Embellishments: Bella Sera Event Center / DJ: DJ Rodriguez  / Catering: Bella Sera Catering /

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