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Simple, Yet Elegant Wedding

The Wedding of Kelsey & Boczak

Their Love Story…

The thing Kelsey loves most about Boczak is the way he loves her and makes her feel. She says it’s the best feeling in the world to know that the person she’s in love with loves her with all his heart and is never afraid to show it. She also loves the way that he loves her 4-year-old son – as if he was his very own!

Traditions and the Groom’s Heritage…

Boczak’s Mother is from Korea and she had her own mother bring back a ceremonial hanbok (the name of the dress) from Korea for Kelsey. This was very special to the bride to be able to have something that celebrated that side of Boczak’s culture the attire that they wore was traditional for Korean couples at a Korean wedding. The dress and hat were beautiful and all hand sewn. It meant a lot to the bride and the groom’s mother to include these very special traditions and symbolism into their union.

Meaningful Moments…

It was extremely important to Kelsey to have her four year old son Trey walk her down the isle alongside her father. Her son was not just a ring bearer, he has been the man in her life for the past 4 years and one she invested all her love in before meeting Boczak. Her Dad gave her away in the traditional sense with his blessing, and also walked Trey by the hand to meet Boczak symbolizing the union of the three of them into their new family. That was a very special moment for all of them. Another very special part was having their mother’s light the unity candles, and Boczak giving his vows to both Kelsey and Trey instead of just her.

Fondest Memories…

The couple has so many great memories of their wedding day. For the bride – getting ready with her bridesmaids and both moms, and then finally getting to the altar to see her future husband. The groom – getting ready with all of his best friends, sharing the traditions from his heritage with his mother, and getting little Trey ready in his tuxedo. They both said their reception was a blast seeing all of their family and friends enjoying themselves laughing and dancing, the toasts that were given, and watching little Trey entertain the guests with his Michael Jackson impressions. Kelsey stated that her favorite memory was their last dance when everyone was outside waiting for them. It was just the two of them dancing on the large dance floor all alone, and it was like nobody else existed.

Other very meaningful memories were having all of their family and friends there to celebrate with them from so far away the bride’s sister, who is in the marines and was stationed in Japan, got to attend which was very special. Boczak’s Mother came in from Arizona. Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and Great Aunts came in from around the US, as well as her brother and his family from Florida. She was also thrilled that a very close childhood friend made it from Michigan. Having all these people go out of there way to travel so far to celebrate their day meant so much to both of them!

Event Design & Décor…

Their overall style was simple elegance. Kelsey came in with some basic ideas of what she wanted, and we helped her create the most beautiful ambiance. Their colors where light green and dark purple representing bright summer colors; green is also Kelsey’s favorite color. The color palette was classy, yet not too bright. Our bride admitted that what she had pictured in her head didn’t even come close to how gorgeous it actually looked when she walked in the door. She said she was amazed with all the little details like the hanging candles, floating candles, the ceremony aisle décor, the elegant cake table, and especially the beautiful candle background Elisabeth custom built on the altar. Everything was done so beautifully, yet kept simple, as she wanted it without a ton of color or flowers – just very elegant. Kelsey, Boczak and all of their guests loved it, and they loved their photos.

Overall Experience at Bella Sera…

Kelsey writes: “My overall experience with our wedding and planning was amazing! We only had three months to plan this wedding because of Boczaks orders with the Air Force. I can tend to be a control freak, worry wart and perfectionist, so I was worried that this process would stress me out and not be a fun experience. However, I honestly didn’t have a moment of worry or stress. Everything went so smooth and was so simple to get done and I have to give most the thanks to everyone at Bella Sera. It was so nice to find a place first of all that showed that they actually cared about us as a couple, but that was almost a one stop shop…being able to come in and pick out all the decor and lighting in one day was amazing. Then having the catering done by Bella Sera; the food was amazing and then all the vendors you referred us to were so amazing. It was a piece of cake to plan this wedding in three months with Bella Sera. The day of the wedding I didn’t have to worry or be in control of anything, which made my actual wedding day just a relaxing carefree day. I even took my son to the doctor that morning and went shopping with my mom! 🙂 I hear such horror stories about planning weddings and everyone said you need at least a year to plan one. But the way Bella Sera has things set up is just so wonderful and made the whole process very enjoyable and fun for both of us! So a big thank you to all of you guys at the Bella!!”

All in all it was one of the best days of our lives and the memories we hold about that day are nothing but positive loving memories, everything about our day was perfect and it was an amazing way to start our lives together!

THE TEAM OF EXPERTS: Wedding Photography: Mark Alison Photography / Wedding Venue: The Bella Sera Event Center / Lighting: Lighting and Design by Scott: Wedding Designer: Elisabeth Montoya-Bella Sera / Linens & Chair covers: Belinda’s Creations at Bella Sera / Décor Embellishments: Bella Sera Event Center / Catering: Bella Sera Catering /

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